People Counting

Footfall level is one of the two most important data needed to manage and evaluate each commercial facility. We are strongly aware of that fact, so we apply the utmost care to measurement accuracy and security of the collected data

Dwell time determinate zone as passing or destination

Since 2010 we have been counting customers in shopping centers and commercial parks, large-scale supermarkets, chain stores and boutiques. Our solutions work in buildings as well as on the streets and in public space. To provide the highest standard service, we use devices designed and manufactured in our lab. 

We connect you to the future

Basing on previous experiences we surely guarantee very high, exceeding 97% index of measurement accuracy. Beside the footfall level, our solution allows to thoroughly indicate the length of time spent in the facility (dwell time) and the frequency of customers’ returns.

We count over 250 000 000 customers annually!