made in europe

COVID-19 Prevention

We offer modern cameras for thermal measurement of temperature, which are an excellent protection against intrusion into the building of a person with a fever.

Parking Solutions

Our parking systems support garages and outdoor parking lots with everything from occupancy and navigation to parking billing and fines for non-payment

People Counting

Our visitor counting system works well in shopping malls as well as chain stores or streets. Thanks to the use of devices based on artificial intelligence we get over 97% accuracy.

100% Made in Europe

We design and manufacture our equipment and software in Europe, with some processors and lenses imported from the USA. We offer high quality equipment at a reasonable price. We are constantly updating our software. Due to the optimization of production we can offer our customers throughout the European Union up to 60 months warranty on each of our systems.

We focus on full process automation. By using our solutions, your employees do not have to spend time on tedious basic tasks. You can create small expert teams, acting with the strength of huge organizations thanks to our tools.

Find hidden money in your facility

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) developed by RiiG Ai is a comfortable employee. It can replace people in many places of any large organization. Starting from simple operations such as gate control, access to parking fee zones or parking usage patterns recognition through analyzing data collected by all devices in the building, using data from external sources up to drawing conclusions and presenting them in easy to read and understand reports.