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Innovative Parking Solutions

Intelligent Parking Occupancy System. We provide the most advanced parking occupancy system offered in the European Union. Based on an Ai sensor, supporting up to 6 parking spaces, we can recognize and prevail on-site data about space occupancy/availability, the registration number of the parked vehicle, and the length of parking time.

Reliable vacancy navigation. We produce our own signage system, a set of navigation boards, poles and totems will allow you to efficiently find a free space even in the most crowded and complicated parking lot. Thanks to fast communication with Ai sensors, the availability statuses change on the boards in real time.

Find my car. The Ai sensors transmit images of parked cars to the parking lot finder system the moment a space is occupied. This allows you to find the vehicle and the route to it using an app on your phone, at the checkout or at an information kiosk.

Barrierless paid parking system. The system collects and processes data on the length of parking time for individual license plates. Data stored in the master directory are synchronized with parking meters. System recognizes and reports unpaid vehicle, can summon controller and generate special fee ticket. Thanks to a dedicated application, the controller can make and keep a photo documentation needed to collect a fine.

Parking Management. Thanks to our comprehensive parking experience, we can offer you a parking management service. Office, subscription, rotary and mixed car parks, both multi-storey and outdoor garages.

We manage car parks equipped with systems from other manufacturers, we can also equip the car park from scratch or modernize the existing installation.

We have established a company dedicated to parking management called RiiG iPS Sp. z o. o. (innovative parking solutions)

Indoor parking occupancy

Sensor based on video processing can detect cars, motorcycles, license plaques offline in real time

Outdoor parking mapping

Based on video processing detect occupancy of outdoor parking spot offline in real time

Licence plate recognition

Accurate solution based on our own algorithm, recognize plaques and count cars simultaneously

Signage Hi-Res LED panel

The modular system of LED panels allows us to build any navigation and information installation.

Management software

Comprehensive reporting and management software for free and paid parking and garage

Why RiiG Ai

A stable company that has been operating on the market since 2013. Own RnD laboratory, stable network of suppliers and subcontractors from the European Union. Over 240 buildings under a maintenance contract. Excellent references from satisfied customers.

What You Get

A complete solution from design, through production, installation and management of the finished system.

Also 60 months of guarantee for every single device made by RiiG Ai (service agreement required).

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Next generation parking systems 

Our first parking installations are already 10 years old and are still doing great! Since then, we have greatly expanded our devices; the solution currently offered is the third generation of the occupancy recognition and guidance system. Together with business intelligence platform it delivers the tool for cost optimization, revenue increase opportunities and helps to increase the sitewide monitoring and security level. As parking is mostly the first step impression of the commercial facility, RiiG Ai parking systems goal is to provide a stress-free experience for each customer both in initial entry and when leaving the facility.

Guidance and occupancy systems at efficiency and revenue increase

We offer a system based on intelligent cameras with integrated signage operating on the basis of image from video cameras. Each sensor has a working unit with artificial intelligence (Ai), which means that it can work independently of the others and the failure of one device does not affect the operation of other system components. Ai Parking operates both in underground and multi-level car parks, as well as in open areas. In all conditions, its capabilities are comparable with each other, although in the case of covered parking lots, modern sensors have additional abilities: each autonomous Ai-sensor has the ability to stream images, video and rich data for many purposes –real-time occupancy monitoring, detailed tracking of customer behaviors, preferences and parking usage patterns and for integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR).

In all parking environment options, the system can specify parking time, indicate vehicles exceeding the paid or allowed time, show drivers parking habits, build reports on the range of the facility based on license plates, predict parking space in the upcoming period and also charge fees depending on the time and parking spaces.

Our own RiiG Ai libraries containing over 200 million records allow our devices to recognize license plates of parked and passing vehicles very efficiently.

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (Ai) in the recognition process, the efficiency of recognition accuracy exceeds 99%.

The work of sensors and cameras is supported by high-resolution LED boards. They are installed information totems, at exits, crossings, at the top of the alleys and at all key driver-decision points. The displayed digital signage is transparent, and the information can be presented in the form of a text message, image and animations so the parker could best find the needed space. 

The guidance system is perfect for complicated and large parking lots, allowing for quick and convenient parking, which undoubtedly affects the satisfaction of the customer who begins and ends his visit to the parking lot. The convenience of parking and the ease of finding your car are of great importance when choosing a shopping destination. Leaving a positive and lasting impression of well-organized reception space we make both arrival and departure a nice experience.

Focus on results

By increasing the customer experience from the start to the end of the visit, RiiG Ai helps you encourage repeat visits and build brand loyalty. Due to integration with external toll systems, applications provided by shopping malls and many other shopping center information systems, our solution supports building high satisfaction of the customers and increase the market share of your brand. By making sure every possible space in your garage is utilized, we also help ensure maximum usage per square meter. This can be a significant, millions – saver step in planning and budgeting the construction costs for a new facility or expanding the present one.

Currently, our systems work in large car parks of shopping centers (over 2,000 parking spaces), office buildings, open car parks of large-scale supermarkets and shopping parks, but also in apartment buildings and in small private car parks, where they manage access control and gates, completely automating the service of the traffic flow. Ai-sensor cameras combined with integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) and the business intelligence platform enables to monitor each facility 24/7. As a result, you gain the deep control of operations, increase efficiency and recognize additional profits opportunities.

Solution:                                 Parking occupancy and guidance system

Device 1:                                 Integrated vision sensor with siren and Ai processor

Device 2:                                 Integrated high mount mapping camera with AI processor

Device 3:                                 High resolution LED board

Device type:                           Dedicated, integrated (All in one), indoor / outdoor

Peripherals:                            Uses existing infrastructure

Equipment price:                 Moderate

Installation cost:                   Very low

Installation time:                    Fast

Manufacturer:                        RiiG Ai

Data transmission:               Wireless / GSM / LTE / 5G

Requirements:                       230V power supply

Accuracy:                                Over 99%

Data provided:                       availability of spaces, occupancy map, safety copy, find-my-car solution, parking time and place, amount of payment, application data, access data,

Access to data:                       Dedicated business intelligence platform alg0r1thm, online after log-in

Data for clients:                      Application, website, touch boards, cash registers

For whom:                              Shopping centers and parks, large-scale supermarkets, train and airport stations, public buildings, office buildings, apartment buildings, streets and private parking lots