Artificial Intelligence

Find hidden money in your facility

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) developed by RiiG Ai is a comfortable employee. It can replace people in many places of any large organization. Starting from simple operations such as gate control, access to parking fee zones or parking usage patterns recognition through analyzing data collected by all devices in the building, using data from external sources up to drawing conclusions and presenting them in easy to read and understand reports. 

Ai Analysis works 24 hours, seven days a week throughout the year, without a break. It does not get sick, nor goes on holidays, nor has a bad mood. It does not waste time browsing Internet content that is not supported with the work performed. It will not ask you for a raise, will not leave you for competitor who pays better nor steal your confidential data.

Ai Analysis learns at any time, draws conclusions from the data obtained, learns from your questions, gets data from all sources it has the access to. Each day it can work better, know more, answer your questions faster and more precisely. It will get to work on what it is employed to and comment only on issues connected to its responsibility or assignment. 

Hire it, and you’ll never want to replace it with a human again – it will be your most loyal and dedicated employee forever.

It is available for all RiiG Ai customers under monthly fee.